About us

The NI 100 Centenary Committee was formed by the Ancre Somme Association in 2019. The Association is a registered charity, based in Brownlow House, Lurgan.

Since 2009 they have been involved in various legacy projects, across the United Kingdom. The charities main focus has always been education. In particular the education of our younger generation.

The aim of this sub-committee is to ensure that right across Northern Ireland a legacy is created and that includes a roadmap towards the next 100 years of Northern Ireland.

The NI 100 Centenary Committee has brought people together from all walks of life and from all four corners of the country. While we may have differing views, on various topics, we are all committed to ensuring that we want mark the occasion in a way that celebrates and commemorates all that is good about “our wee country”. We believe it is incumbent that we look back, acknowledge the present and look towards the future.

Due to the current pandemic the vast majority of our interactions have taken place online. While this may have slowed the planning process things are now progressing with the establishment of an educational group as well as a historical research group.

If you would like to be part of the planning process or have infomation you would like forward to the committee please email [email protected]

If you would like to learn more about the Ancre Somme Association charity please click the link below.

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Would you be interested in establishing a NI 100 Centenary Committee in your town or village?

Who better to organise local events than the people that actually live within the local community.

If you have established a group, need help and support or just want to advertise and event please send us a messge or email [email protected]

Together we will make 2021 a roaring success.