NI 100 Educational Resources

As part of our commemoration of NI100 we have been working with our friends in the Somme Museum. Together we established an NI100 Education Committee who have been working on creating free online resources designed to help teachers tell the story of 100 years of Northern Ireland.

The resources have been written to provide pupils with an understanding and appreciation of Northern Ireland as it celebrates its 100th birthday in 2021 and will be available for use at home or in the classroom. They can be used as a stand-alone resource or as a stimulus for a series of lessons about Northern Ireland. It is also an aspiration to provide the story books as hard copies to all schools in Northern Ireland.

Resource 1 - “Granny Remembers” - Aimed at Primary 1 and 2. Granny was born in 1921, the same year that Northern Ireland was born. Her great grandchildren, twins Nora and Daniel have come to visit her. They want to celebrate her special birthday too.

Resource 2 - “Happy Birthday Northern Ireland!” - Aimed at pupils in Primary 3 and 4. The story is about twins Nora and Daniel who go on a birthday party road trip with their mum to find some things they will need for Northern Ireland’s birthday party. But they have no place to hold the birthday party! Can they solve this problem?

Resource 3 – “I Am Northern Ireland” – Aimed at Primary 5 – Primary 7. This resource covers five main areas – “Northern Ireland is Born”, “Let’s Explore some Food and Drink”, “Industries Past and Present”, “Our Creatives” and “Our People.”

All of the above resources will be available shortly so watch this space.

Education Committee

Janice MacArthur - Former Principal & Education Manager at CCEA.

Carol Walker MBE - Director the Somme Association & Somme Museum.

Colin Millar MBE - Director of Middleton Centre for Autism, Retired Principal of Killard House Special School.

Greig Savage - Principal Lisnadill Primary School.

Louise McKinstry - Maths Teacher at New Bridge Integrated.